Service & Professional Hours

Community Service Hours Requirements

Members are required to complete 10 hours of community service (at least 5 BAP-sponsored) to be in good standing. Individuals are allowed to miss a maximum of 2 professional meetings without penalty, but any meetings missed after that will result in an additional 2 hours of community service per meeting. PAS members have no community service obligations but are highly encouraged to attend service events and build community. 

Recorded hours for current members and candidates for both professional attendance and community service will be on Canvas. If you have questions about your hours, please speak with the Vice President at one of our weekly meetings or at her email:

Community service hours can be completed through BAP events that are organized for the semester, tutoring in the accounting tutoring lab, and non-BAP community service hours.


Information on Community Service Hours

  • Based on guidance from BAP's National Office, all of our chapter's BAP-sponsored community service events will be offered virtually this semester. These events will consist of events such as volunteering at the accounting tutoring lab, school volunteer programs, and other virtual or at-home events. 

  • Members can use a maximum of 5 hours of community service from a non-BAP-sponsored event, such as volunteering at a hospital or homeless shelter, sorority or fraternity service hours, or other organizational service events. These events will be counted whether they are virtual or in-person events as that is totally up to your preference. You must fill out the “Outside Hours Verification Form” to receive credit for your hours.


Please email Levi Wyrick at with any questions or concerns.

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