BAP (Beta Alpha Psi) Membership

Candidates are accepted into the Gamma Tau Chapter during both fall and spring semesters. Any person interested in becoming a member must complete the required online application.

PAS (Professional Accounting Society)

The Professional Accounting Society (PAS) is an organization managed by Beta Alpha Psi for students interested in accounting, finance, or information systems, but unable to join Beta Alpha Psi. PAS is viewed as the pathway to Beta Alpha Psi; therefore, this organization is a great way for freshmen and sophomores to become engaged with Beta Alpha Psi prior to becoming eligible for membership. Students may continue as PAS members throughout their academic career at CSU.



  • PAS members are invited to all Beta Alpha Psi professional meetings, including the light dinner that is served prior to each meeting. Membership in PAS and attendance at these meetings will give you invaluable insight to opportunities in accounting. In addition, PAS status will distinguish you among your peers and can give you a jump start on making contacts for internships.


How To Apply For Membership:

  • Attend the Beta Alpha Psi Informational Meeting (usually the second Tuesday evening of the semester) for more details and to learn how to apply. 

  • To fill out forms please reference the links above in the Beta Alpha Psi section. You will need to read over the Accountability Contract, fill out the Online Application and Pay the PAS Membership Dues.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our academic advisor Eric Rapley at


  • Am I eligible to join BAP?

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